Karol Romani

I am a professional Image & Style Consultant based in Basel, Switzerland.

I am here to simplify and enhance the experience of getting dressed. Whether you need to better understand your style, receive some specific fashion advice, discover your best colors, or have a hair style/color analysis.

Browse my website to learn more about my services and approach. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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SERVICE Packages

Complete Package

I can assist you in comprehending and arranging your style. We can simplify your daily life by editing your wardrobe to retain only what you truly need.

Together, we can buy any missing pieces to enhance and complete your outfits. Finally, we can create a lookbook to showcase the full potential of your wardrobe.

Duration: 2 months.

Color Analysis

Here we will discover the best colors that reflect on your skin.

Taking your skin tone into account, we will identify which colors complemented you best, whether vibrant or subtle, light or dark.

You will learn which lipstick or foundation is the best for you to invest in, as well as the perfect colors for your accessories.

Additionally, we can explore the best hair tone for your current style.

Duration: 2 Hours

Personalized Package

Come talk to me and together we will reach an agreement on your specific needs,

Choose from options like a shopping day or styling for a particular event.

We will analyze the best accessories and haircuts for you.

Experience a Lookbook day to expand your wardrobe without adding new pieces to your closet.

Duration: To be defined.

about me

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Hi, I'm Karol

I have a degree in social communication with experience in television and actor casting. Before moving to Switzerland, I worked with several Brazilian fashion brands at an advertising agency in Brazil.

Fashion has been ingrained in my life since my childhood.

My mother a talented seamstress who loves staying in tune with the latest fashion trends, has been a constant source of inspiration for me. Her passion for dressing up has fueled my interest in the world of fashion.

Through a friend, who eventually became my first client, I discovered the profession of Image Consultant and pursued it to become a professional. I conducted thorough research before choosing the professional who would guide me in my training. I chose to undergo my training under the guidance of Érica Minchin, a prominent figure in the field and significant reference in the industry.

With various courses completed and a personalized approach, replacing generic social media rules, I have come to understand that I am destined to be an eternal student. I aspire to continually learn and refine my skills with each client interaction.

To enhance the customization of my services, I enrolled in Carol Garcia's Styletelling course gounded in semiotics. This provided me with a structured foundation, bringing organization to my work.

Guided by these important teachers and mentors in the current market, I strive to continue learning and applying my knowledge to clients who give me the opportunity to get to know them and enhance my skills with each project.

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Contact me

Client feedback

“I am really grateful for the guidance and support that Karol provided me throughout the consultancy.

I learned to combine my clothes, to be more creative using colors and build my own style where I feel comfortable and sexy at the same time.

I am now able to apply accessories that I never used before and making a big difference in my daily outfits”.

Bernardita Chase

Completed package

"Even though I didn't love my color palette at first, Karol worked her magic and showed me how these colors could truly elevate my appearance!

She took the time to guide me on finding the perfect balance between the new shades and the ones I was used to.

It was not just informative but also a lot of fun!

Now, every time I use colors or lipsticks from my palette, I get loads of compliments.

Thanks, Karol! 😊✨

Fernanda Souto

Color Analysis

"I loved and learned a lot during the consultancy with Karol, because I always got along very well with my wardrobe, and this personalized package she put together for me taught me to pay more attention to the small details that now make all the difference in how I dress."

Sinara Chappuis

Personalized package